Carbon is an essential element in the chemical basis of all known life. When ground into a soft, black, lustrous powder, it becomes the Powdered Graphite used in this unique, self-taught dry brushing technique.

Tools: 16 lb Architectural vellum paper Powdered Graphite

Fine art brushes
Pencils of varying hardness Blending aids
Hard smooth drawing surface

The layer upon layer application of the Powdered Graphite done with fine art brushes of varying size, shape and firmness, gives me the ability to create soft hues and deep tones with seamless transitions between them.

Soft details are enhanced using an assortment of tools I have adapted to use as blending and burnishing aids.

The finer details are created with pencils of various degrees of hardness.

The process for creating these illustrations is a demanding and deliberate endeavor. Mistakes are rarely correctable. Usually the work progresses from left to right, keeping a cover sheet over the unpainted surface to protect it from contaminants. Moving from left to right also serves to keep already finished areas from smudging.

Each piece presents its own unique set of challenges. The time commitment to these illustrations is extensive. Typically 80 to 150 hours goes into the production of each painting.

When immersed in this process, it becomes for me a form of meditation, where the only thing that matters is finding the perfect blending of light and shadow and allowing oneself the freedom and space to do so.